Projects & Services

At RIMARI, the process of executing a project starts from developing a deep understanding of the brief given by the client and his specific requirements. Then based on the brief, themes and ideas are generated encompassing every detail of art, from the theme, medium, style, size, color, location to the volume of the artworks.
A complete art proposal is presented to the client, post a lot of research their visualization for every space and the art required for each location. Upon selection and finalization by the client,a full plan is submitted to the client including image of finalized artworks, location details, theme and medium sizes, quantities and quotation. The artists,commissioned for the artworks for the projects, are first given a crystal clear brief about the subject of artwork followed by sampling and approval by the client.
Since,for every project the art budget is pre-allocated, RIMARI tries its best to fit into any kind budget by offering alternate mediums and styles of art.Hence,from a five star deluxe hotel to a small budget hotel, it has the art solution to meet their requirements.
Each project is executed with ease which comes after years of experience and the result is nothing short years of experience and the result is nothing short of a marvel.