• Chandu ChhadaChhada Siembieda & Associates
    Limited (CSAL) Hongkong

    “The key words to express our experience with RIMARI are “dedication” and “professionalism.” Their library and collection of reference material are very interesting and helpful. Most importantly, as many of our projects are international hotels which are budget and time constrained, RIMARI has met these goals very effectively…..it is always a pleasure to work with RIMARI!”

  • RajiGM Operations, Apollo Hospital

    “Apollo’s experience at RIMARI over the years (since inception in 1996) has been the most personalized, warm and exclusive one.
    RIMARI not only understands the customized needs of clients and tirelessly sieves through every potential art piece, but goes through the entire repertoire of originals available in locations as far as Chennai.”

  • Carl AlmeidaP49 DEESIGN, Thailand

    “Rimari is my first point of call when thinking about the artwork programmes for any of P49 DEESIGN’s hotel projects. Their ability to understand our art direction and then propose ‘local alternatives’ of international quality is second to none. They are creative yet flexible enough to understand the needs of financially conscious clients.”

  • K.B KachruSr. Vice President Radisson
    Hotels Asia Pte. Ltd

    ” We would like to express our appreciation for Rimari’s remarkable contribution to providing creative yet affordable artwork to the Radisson Hotels over past ten years. Your contribution in commissioning artists to produce artwork to suit our needs has been invaluable. We wish you great luck in your future endeavours.”

  • Divya BhallaExecutive Director Vatika Group

    “If I had to select one quality, one personal characteristic that I regard as being most highly correlated with success, whatever the field , I would pick the trait of persistence. Thats what I like in my dealings with Rimari. The main reason we never give in to offers from your competitors is this very reason, your persistence to serve well and work as a team. Always a pleasure to work with.”